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In Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In regard to the recent global activity surrounding the Covid-19 virus and the potential for business interruption, we at Americo are taking immediate and necessary action in an attempt to minimize any possible impact to our employees and business partners as well as our manufacturing and distribution facilities. Effective immediately, and for the foreseeable future, […]

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Made in The USA

Made in the USA. It’s a phrase as embedded in the American psyche as “united we stand” or “let freedom ring,” and it carries a sense of patriotism as well as a connotation of quality. “Buy local” isn’t just a postmodern rallying cry. For most of the United States

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A Cleaner Way Forward

NEW YORK, N.Y. & MOORESVILLE, NC – Fibrix Filtration, the leading provider of specialized high loft and pleat media air filtration products backed by Branford Castle Partners, LP, a New York

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