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Want to find out how floor mats fit with your clients?

Commercial Floor Mats 101: Boost Sales and Branding with PromoMatting Mats

Think Selling Mats Is Hard? Think Again.

Do your customers have a door?

If your customer has a door then why not sell them a product they need?

The fact is most businesses are already using floor mats through most likely a rental service. What they need to know is they can purchase customized floor mats from you for a fraction of the cost!

Top Industries for Floor Mats

Spirit & Wine

The Spirit and Wine industry is a top market for custom floor mats. Heavy advertising and seasonal offerings make for constantly changing promotions. The typical mat placement for this industry is at product displays, store entrances, and at the check out counter. With mostly photographic artwork and looking for short-term use, clients tend to like our Dye Sub Classic mats. However, when artwork is spot-color our Flocked Olefin is another popular product.

Consumer Products

When you enter a retail store you expect to see advertising, but a majority of that advertising is at eye-level. With that area saturated, more and more companies are starting to advertise on the floor, which they see as a huge indoor billboard. With indoor display floor mats, they have the opportunity to stand out and brand themselves directly in front of their products, and it’s working. According to research done by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, nearly 65% of shoppers stop and engage with floor mats and graphics.


This industry includes home builders, real estate agents, apartment complexes and mortgage companies. The idea here is to give promotional entrance mats as closing gifts for their clients. One design idea is to welcome the new homeowner by printing their last name on the mat and putting the real estate agent’s name and logo in the corner. The mats will provide exposure while helping to protect floors and carpets. A popular product for this industry is the Flocked Camelot mat.

Dealers/Distributor Co-Op Programs

In this industry the manufacturer or distributor will typically provide the custom floor mats, or cover a portion or all of the cost. In return, their brand, product name, or sales message is featured on the logo door mats and floor mats. This results in increased brand awareness and market share for the manufacturer or distributor, and increased sales for the retailer and manufacturer or distributor. In other words, it’s a win-win for both parties!

Web Stores (E-commerce)

With so many online stores, the sky is the limit for selling mats online. Successful end-users include ThinkGeek and the Ellen Degeneres Show just to name a couple. The concept here is to provide residential friendly mats with funny sayings or messages on them for niche markets.

Why Floor Mats Work?


Studies show floor mats used in retail environments increase sales by up to 13%.


Mats help brands get their message and logo in front of a large audience.


Floor mats are one of the most effective ways to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Facility Maintenance

Floor mats lower cleaning costs by reducing dirt & debris from entering buildings.

Custom Mat Success Stories

Custom floor mat
Financial Institution

Results: Consumer awareness of the campaign increased 33% when the mats were released. The campaign generated over $5 billion dollars in sales for small businesses around the country.

Custom floor mat
RV Retailer

Results: Both the client and RV purchasers loved the mats. The RV Company even ran a contest on their Facebook page encouraging customers to post pictures with their mats on the road.

Custom printed entrance mat
Apartment Complex

Results: The Apartment manager contacted the distributor and said the mats extended the life of the carpeting by 12-18 months, saving the company over $50,000 a year!

Custom floor mat
Auto Parts Store

Results: The dealers loved them! Workers reported less foot and back pain and the stores even saw increased worker production. The brand also happily reported an increase in sells too.

Who Uses Mats?