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Harnessing Custom Floor Mats for Profitable Branding: The PromoMatting Advantage

Among thousands of marketing messages bombarding consumers on a daily basis, the challenge of breaking through meaningful impressions is a daunting and costly task. In a marketplace of endless choices, brand managers are adopting the practice of customer journey mapping. With a data-driven tool for understanding touchpoints from introduction to recognition, familiarity, and insistence, brands can strengthen the customer experience and build lasting loyalty.

While it may be easy to track digital touchpoints in the form of hits, clicks, and likes, the digital picture may not be a complete one. Recent studies show in-store experiences, especially during in-store pickup and checkout, are more important than ever in the buying journey. Download your copy of Custom Floor Mats Pave the Way to Profits to learn how floor mats break through the noise and have business owners walking all the way to the bank!