Our Guiding Principles



Inherent honesty, trustworthiness and work ethic demonstrating strong moral principles. Highly ethical character driven by truthful communications and actions. Choices should be guided by doing what is right without exception while upholding the highest moral and ethical standards.



Success based on a fundamental ability to embrace teamwork, partnership, and engagement towards common goals. Individuals work together selflessly for a common purpose to achieve mutual benefit. Seek, share and use the best knowledge while embracing the continual process of challenging what we do and how we do it.


Customer Centric

Ensure a positive customer experience for our external and internal customers while showing empathy and compassion. Develop strong, personal relationships that encourage value for all parties. Striving to exceed our customers' expectations should be the fundamental goal in all of our actions.


Positive Mental Attitude

Embrace a positive outlook with respect to addressing challenges while looking for opportunities to affect change in a positive way. Address behaviors and processes which may be inconsistent with our Guiding Principles in order to collectively improve results.


Mutual Respect

Treat one another with honesty, dignity, sensitivity, empathy and compassion ... as you would expect to be treated yourself. Interaction as a team using our diversity is critical to our mutual success. Be humble in seeking to understand and constructively deal with personal areas of weakness. Constantly strive to grow in knowledge and capability, with a willingness to share your knowledge with others.



Treat everything you do like you own it. Apply the judgment, responsibility, and critical thinking skills necessary to generate the greatest contribution. Be a leader while setting a positive example. Hold others, as well as yourself, accountable.



Value Creation

Strive for excellence in all we do while never being satisfied with the status quo. Refuse to accept mediocrity. Acknowledge areas of weakness and seek to embrace change. Eliminate waste of all types, innovate, and maximize the creation of long-term value for both our customers and employees.


Family Values

Our company was built on a foundation of family values and prides itself on choosing a healthy balance between work and family. While a strong work ethic is critical to corporate and personal success, we support an environment of positive life balance and believe in supporting each associate as a member of the corporate family.