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When it comes to commercial floor mats and entrance mats for your office or business, you have two choices: buying or renting. So which is better?

Let’s start by looking at how renting commercial floor mats works. You typically sign a contract and pay an ongoing fee. The rental company then schedules regular times to come and swap out the mats with clean ones, taking the mats you were using to be laundered.

Although this might sound like a good option if you don’t want to incur the upfront costs of purchasing mats, rental floor mats can actually end up costing you far more than purchased ones, as we’ll explain below.

Here are some factors to consider before deciding which option is best for you:


One misconception about rental floor mats is that they will save you time and money on cleaning. Yet you’re probably already cleaning your floors daily, and this is enough to maintain your floor mats.

Keep in mind, too, that rental companies will only replace your mats on a schedule (such as weekly or bi-weekly)… leaving you to clean them if they get dirty in the meantime. Rental companies also don’t launder or replace anti-fatigue, kitchen, or scraper mats, so you’ll need to clean them while paying the rental fee.

An attractive and effective custom floor mat.

Quality and Appearance

Rental companies provide floor mats in limited styles and colors, which may result in you having to select a mat that is not a good fit for your space or décor. They also don’t offer bi-level construction mats that effectively trap dirt and water.

And because you get a different mat with each maintenance visit, you can’t control the quality of the mats that will be left. Some rental companies reuse mats for 10 years or more, and the wear and tear can show.


When you factor in the fuel used to pick up mats for laundering and return them, plus the water and chemicals used in cleaning them, rental mats have a significantly larger environmental impact than purchased mats.


For many businesses, this is the biggest consideration of all, and the results may surprise you! Renting a 3’ x 5’ floor mat for five years can cost you $780, while purchasing it will cost you just $100 for five or more years of product life. That’s a $680 savings, for just one mat!

Entrance and floor mats are one of the first things people see when they step into a business or store, so the quality and appearance of these mats is vital to making a good impression.

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