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Made in the USA. It’s a phrase as embedded in the American psyche as “united we stand” or “let freedom ring,” and it carries a sense of patriotism as well as a connotation of quality. “Buy local” isn’t just a postmodern rallying cry. For most of the United States’ history, it was simply how we did business.

Yet it’s no secret that American manufacturing jobs have declined in the Information Age. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing lost about 7.5 million jobs between 1980 and 2018.1 While the manufacturing sector’s share of the real GDP has remained fairly steady between 11%-14% since the 1940s,2 the service sector’s share was more than 68% in 2018.3 Furthermore, year over year for the past decade, the service sector has consistently comprised nearly 80% of the United States’ workforce.4 All of this begs the question: is manufacturing still relevant in today’s economy?

At PromoMatting, we give a resounding yes! When you look for the Made in USA label before you buy, you vote with your dollars for the future of this nation.

  • You vote yes for safe working conditions and fair wages. U.S. workers enjoy protections that are sadly lacking in many parts of the world. Our team of more than 200 employees take pride in delivering the standard of quality and service you expect.
  • You vote yes for protecting our environment. We produce most of our custom floor mats at our company’s two plants totaling 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Given our location north of Atlanta, Georgia, we’re positioned for efficient domestic shipping, reducing the environmental impact of international transportation. We employ sustainable processes wherever possible – including using recycled materials in our products and recycling waste and byproducts.
  • You vote yes for jobs for future generations. Industries that move overseas rarely return, limiting choices for the next generation of workers. Your investment in American-made products secures the growth of our economy and the expansion of the job market. This was true when Americo Manufacturing Company started as a family-owned company in 1969 and when it launched the PromoMatting Division in 1992,5 and it remains true today.

Trends fluctuate and industries ebb and flow, but in changing times, PromoMatting upholds a tradition of excellence and pride of workmanship that signifies the American way. In our 2021 Product Catalog, look for the Made In USA emblem labeling our locally sourced, American-made custom floor mats.

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