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CARTERSVILLE, GA, July 6th, 2016 – PromoMatting by Americo, a leading supplier of custom floor mats, proudly announces the promotion of Brandon Kuykendall to Production Manager, which began on July 1, 2016. As the Production Manager, Kuykendall will work closely with production supervisors and maintenance staff to plan, set targets and ensure finished products meet the company’s high quality standards.

Kuykendall began his career at PromoMatting as a graphic artist and has held various positions, including Chromojet Technician and Logo Mat Supervisor during his six-year tenure with the company. “It’s hard to find maturity and humility in young people today. Management quickly saw the potential in Kuykendall early in his employment. When someone like Brandon displays such desirable qualities, in addition to having technical skills, you know you have an exceptional employee. This promotion is a true testament to his excellent work ethic and determination,” stated Nathan Rivera, Operations Manager Mat Division.

When asked “What’s the key to your career growth at PromoMatting?” Kuykendall replied:

“The people. I’ve been lucky enough to work with individuals who challenge me in many different ways. And with each challenge, typically comes growth and opportunity (if you are willing to take on that challenge). I’ve always told myself that I will continue to stay at PromoMatting, if there continues to be opportunity–after six years, I still don’t have any reason to leave.”

“What drives long-term success at PromoMatting?” Kuykendall replied:

“The most impressive thing to me about PromoMatting has been the way we manage our company with complete humility and integrity. Our employees are just as serious about creative value as upper management. I really do believe that managing the business in alignment with our guiding principles is what drives our long-term success.”

“What’s the key to the company’s sustainable growth?” Kuykendall replied:

The culture. I really have to give upper management huge credit for developing our Guiding Principles and changing the way they view employee satisfaction as a way to increase productivity. They treat employees as important assets to achieve goals and it’s that behavioral management style that has really made the difference to our production. I have incredible mentors, here at PromoMatting.  The fact that they take an interest in their employees on a personal level and take time to guide them speaks volumes and is another major reason why I want to continue to work at PromoMatting.

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