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Wordle is a great tool for analyzing a website or blog’s relevance. It can also be used to see what type of keywords your website or blog focuses on. This can help immensely with search engine optimization. If you used Wordle on a forum, you can find out the most prominent words in that forum that are used which could help you evaluate its relevance, as well. Probably its most popular use, finding word trends is made extremely easy with Wordle.

After discovering Wordle we were pretty interested in using it on our own blog. Unsurprisingly, our most prominent words are mats, logo, PromoMatting, and custom. We are pretty happy, however, that words such as, fun, safe, clean, attractive, comfortable, inspiring, different, and upscale are included in our Wordle. We take pride in these words because they really do describe our product, custom floor mats.

How would you describe your specific customized logo mats from PromoMatting?

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