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How can a custom logo mat compete with the extremely popular promotional pen?

With a pen you can get hundreds or thousands of units for dirt cheap prices, but what other benefits are there from giving away cheap pens? If enough are given away then a large net of your advertisement will spread to many people, but the ad will only last for a short period of time as these pens do not have a long life span.

Not only that, but do to the shape and size of the pen, it is hard to read or see the logo that is printed on it. This lowers the advertiser’s chance of getting noticed. So how do customized mats compare? Well, mats generally last a lot longer and you can’t mistake the logo on the mat, it literally takes up the entire mat.

Yes, custom mats are more expensive than pens, but with promotional products, “you get what you pay for”. You’ll get a higher quality product that will last longer and make many more impressions.

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