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When marketing and advertising in a niche market you should only cater towards a small group of people. Many beginning marketers often make the mistake of using broad tactics to try and market their products and brand. You must focus on meeting customer specific needs and specialize your marketing toolset to hit all the necessities that your niche customers might have.

Here at PromoMatting custom matting we know that not everyone wants or needs a custom logo mat, so we make sure we accommodate our niche customer base first. We make sure to give our marketing priority to entities like businesses who are working on growing their brand awareness and recognition.

Our floor mats also fight fatigue so we also focus on companies whose employees must stand for long periods of time. If we were to take a more general approach and advertise our products to anyone and everyone, we would be forfeiting our ability to give quality information and education to our niche, custom doormat market.

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