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Earth Day will be here soon, and this Counselor How-to Minute provides three tips for selling eco-friendly promotional products. We at PromoMatting custom logo mats particularly like Tip #2: Pitch Unusual Items.

Stand out by offering your clients custom logo mats as an eco-friendly promotional item! Custom logo mats are long-lasting, minimizing disposal and maximizing the client’s marketing investment. They also protect and extend the life of floors and carpets. Not to mention, everyone needs a customized floor mat!

All PromoMatting mats are made right here in the U.S., reducing the impact of transporting them long distances. We also offer two very attractive, functional, and eco-friendly custom logo mats: natural Cocoa brush mats and durable, synthetic Cocoa Eco mats, which are made from 94% recycled materials.

Check them out and then contact us to learn more about our customized floor mats!

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