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Every company struggles to build its brand around its unique logo. There are just so many different routes a marketing professional can go in order to build customer relations, brand loyalty, company awareness and many other key features that market their company to the fullest extent.

One specific avenue, however, is often overlooked. We are referring to advertising with promotional products. Sometimes seen as a gimmicky way of throwing out your logo, it is actually a fantastic, and profitable, way of spreading your brand and message out to the masses. Let’s discuss some statistics, 76% of consumers who received promotional products had a positive attitude toward the company, 73% of consumers used the products at least once per week, and 52% eventually did business with the advertiser.

These types of results prove that promotional marketing products really work well. Let’s think about some more benefits that promotional business products bring to the table. Not only can you touch and feel them unlike banner ads or commercials, but their influence on sales is very easily measured. All you do you is compare the new numbers with the numbers prior to releasing the promotion.

Isn’t it obvious? Promotional products are here to stay, so why not jump on the band-wagon and pick up some pens, logo mats, or t-shirts sporting your brand?

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