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According to the Promotional Products Association International, the first known promotional products are commemorative buttons dating back to 1789. The promotional products industry started really taking off in the late 1800s, with imprinted horse covers, calendars, hats for horses and more.

Reading this entertaining history got us thinking about what promotional products might look like 100 years from now. Of course, those businesses imprinting metal advertising trays back in 1914 probably couldn’t have predicted tablet cases and stylus pens. But while we don’t have a crystal ball, here are 10 predictions for what promotional products will look like in 2114.

  • Self-cleaning clothes like t-shirts will save water, energy and time — and of course they’ll feature logos and promotional messages.
  • We’ll have robots to do the chores, but they’ll still use logo’d microfiber cloths for cleaning and entrance mats to keep floors dry and safe.
  • Economical space travel will be a reality, but people will still need duffle bags and luggage tags to help transport their self-cleaning clothes.
  • Refrigerators will be able to automatically order groceries. They will still be adorned with promotional magnets.
  • Laser pens, styluses, tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and ear buds will be a thing of the past, but you will be able to put your logo on transporter hologram devices.
  • Custom door mats will project promotional messages into the air and include video and sound.
  • Unless scientists have found a way to eradicate mud, people will need auto floor mats for their flying cars.
  • Researchers will have discovered a cure for the common cold and other illnesses, so promotional tissue packs and hand sanitizers will have gone the way of imprinted horse covers. First aid kits will still be appreciated, though.
  • People will always love chocolate and candy, even if they get the bulk of their nutrition through a pill.
  • Food and drink will keep itself cold for hours, but can coozies and coolers will be popular “retro” items.
  • People will always need stress balls!

Do you agree or disagree with these predictions? What would you add? Please join in the fun and share in the comments!

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