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There are thousands of different promotional products out there that range from small to big, and cheap to expensive. You might ask, “How do I find the right product to meet my specific needs?” Well, there are a few things that you should consider:

  1. Product life: How long do you want your product to last? Do you want your promotional item to be used for a few days, months or even years? Intuitively, the longer you want your product to last, the nicer, and usually more expensive it will have to be. That being said, a high quality and more aesthetically pleasing product will have a better chance of being used by consumers for a much longer period of time, therefore, increasing exposure time of your brand.
  2. Product use: How would you like your product to be used? Do you want an item that has utility, like a pen or maybe a wearable like a t-shirt or a hat? In this area quality can go a long way. If you use a high quality pen or t-shirt, you can vastly increase the products utilization rate.
  3. Product spread: Who do you want to be exposed to your promotional items? A pen might only offer exposure to one person, whereas a custom floor mat with your company’s logo on it might be exposed to hundreds of people.

It all boils down to your company specific requirements. If your just looking to “toss the net out”, so to speak, and give away tons and tons of small gadgets and gizmos, then maybe an inexpensive, short-lived product with your logo on it is best.

If you want something that will last a longer duration, add exposure, and increase utilization, you may want to spend a little extra cash on an item like a customized logo mat.

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