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Why Mats Matter: Transform Your Space with PromoMatting

Everyone knows floor mats are great for keeping floors clean, but they can offer much more than that. From increasing sales through in-store advertising to improving workplace safety — our custom floor mats have you covered!
Continue reading to learn how PromoMatting can positively impact you and your business.



of retail shoppers stop and notice floor graphics and mats. The average cost per impression of a promotional floor mat is 1/10 of a penny. The average increase in sales of retail products promoted with floor mats is 13%.


1 Million

is the number of hospital visits from slip and fall accidents per year. 85% of workers compensation claims are fromslips and falls on wet floors.



is the average yearly savings from purchasing 5 floor mats instead of renting. $750 is the average cost to remove a pound of dirt from a retail or commercial building.