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Tips for inspiring and motivating your employeesWe all know that happy workers are more productive workers. But inspired workers are more productive, too. Here are some ways you and your wholesale promotional products clients can inspire and motivate employees:

  • Incorporate fun. As you can see from the PromoMatting Facebook page, we work hard but like to have fun, too, whether it’s decorating pumpkins, holding a Christmas tree decorating contest, or celebrating birthdays and milestones. Find ways to celebrate and have fun together.
  • Involve employees. Go beyond the employee suggestion box and have regular company-wide meetings where you ask for and encourage feedback and ideas. This will get employees invested in the growth and success of the business.
  • Build team spirit. Give staff ways to display their company pride, from logo’d polo shirts and fleece to pens, mugs and desk accessories. Or how about license plate frames and automotive floor mats with your company logo? You can give these to all employees or use them as rewards and incentives.
  • Embrace a cause. Adopt a charity or cause that you can sponsor as a company, such as collecting food for Thanksgiving baskets for the hungry or wrapping holiday gifts for children at a women’s shelter. Uniting everyone behind a common cause will build team spirit.
  • Provide food for thought. Most companies have a brand tagline, but many companies also have an inspiring slogan they use internally. This might be focused on customer service or product quality, for instance. Once you create a slogan, display it throughout your workspace on signs, t-shirts and floor mats to remind everyone of the company’s focus and goal.
  • Provide food for stomachs, too. Because who doesn’t love the occasional pizza lunch, surprise make-your-own sundae bar, or cake?

What steps are you and your clients taking to motivate and inspire employees? Please share in the comments!`

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