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There are many different ways to say “thank you,” but there’s a unique way you may not have considered: with custom floor mats!

Because floors are a largely untapped marketing space, floor mats can really stand out. That means you can use custom floor mats to express your thanks in an eye-catching and memorable way.

Thank customers on the way out.

Custom floor mats can help a business make a great first impression, but they can create a great last impression, too! Print a “thank you for your business” message on mats placed by doors to show your appreciation to customers and encourage them to come back soon. This is an effective marketing strategy for any business with customer traffic, including retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Present a special offer at checkout.

Thank your customers by providing them with a special discount, offer, or chance to join a loyalty club for extra perks. Promote this on mats placed by cash registers.

Century 21 Doormat

Century 21 Closing Gift Doormat

Give a special thank-you gift.

Custom floor mats also make distinctive and useful thank-you gifts for customers — especially customers who have a new door! Entrance mats are a great promotional item for realtors, homeowners and condo boards, real estate attorneys, banks, mortgage companies, and property management companies. And floor mats like Dirt Stopper mat would be a great customer appreciation gift for vets, pet stores and pet groomers, because they trap the dirt and mud dragged in by pets.

 Show employees some appreciation.

Thank your employees for their dedication and hard work with employee appreciation messages on floor mats and anti-fatigue mats placed throughout the workplace, such as by entrances, time clocks and break rooms. You can also use custom floor mats to highlight a company milestone or team achievement.

What thank-you message would you put on a custom floor mat? Please share in the comments!

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