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Kids, especially small ones, spend a lot of time on the floor… creating, playing, reading and dreaming. That’s why child floor mats are such an important element for any business or organization that caters to children. Mats keep floors clean, dry, and safe, preventing slips and reducing dirt. But they can also be used to create a warm, fun and inviting space children will flock to!

Unlike generic floor mats purchased from a retailer, custom floor mats can be tailored to your exact needs to create a truly welcoming and functional space. Read on for some ways day care centers, preschools, libraries, bookstores, churches, medical offices, and anyone working with kids can use custom floor mats.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Welcome children and reassure parents with custom entrance mats placed in front of and inside doors. Not only will the mats trap dirt and moisture, they can be used to display the name or logo of the facility. This conveys an air of professionalism to parents, and helps small children recognize that they are in a fun and familiar place.

For example, a childcare center could use custom entrance mats with the center’s logo and a message that says: “Welcome –- learning and play underway!” A dentist could place a mat with a friendly reminder to brush and floss by the exit.

Keep Spaces Tidy with Child Floor Mats

Anyone who has worked with children knows how quickly they can make a mess! Floor mats placed near art centers and tables can help keep adjoining areas neat when the creative juices start to flow. Water control mats like Aqua Dam mats can be placed near sinks and water tables to help absorb moisture and prevent slips.

Child Floor MatsCreate Fun and Interactive Play Areas

Any play area can be dressed up and made more welcoming with the addition of a floor mat, especially one printed with a custom image. This includes PromoMatting’s dye sublimated mats, which can show vivid photo-quality images in custom shapes and sizes. These are especially fun for daycares, schools or libraries. For example, a dye sub mat printed with the map of the United States could be used as fun learning tool and comfortable play area.

Custom floor mats don’t have to be serious business – they can be fun, too! Please contact us for more ideas on using custom floor mats in kid-friendly spaces.

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