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Effective visual merchandising is critical for anyone who sells products or services in a retail or business space. It involves using the visual look and layout of the store and merchandise to:

  • Engage customers
  • Help them find what they’re looking for
  • Help them make a purchase decision
  • Lead them to other products they may not have been looking for

And while a lot of emphasis is placed on the displays, lighting, signage and even music and scents within a retail space, custom floor mats can be a very powerful visual merchandising tool.

It all starts outside the store or business, with an inviting entrance that draws people in. Custom entry mats placed outside a doorway will keep the store’s floors neat and clean, but they also set the tone for the whole retail space. Add a logo and promotional message to highlight the brand and give people a reason to stop and enter. There are custom entry mats and printing options available to fit any brand, whether it’s upscale and luxurious or trendy and fun.

Effective visual merchandising

Once customers are inside the store, custom floor mats can be used to:

  • Direct customers to specific products.
  • Provide features and benefits or comparison information in front of a product display, to help customers make a purchase decision.
  • Highlight a product or special promotion. You can use floor mats to tell customers about special offers and discounts, loyalty clubs and more.
  • Inspire additional purchases. For example, a clothing retailer could place a mat in the women’s dresses section that says: “Ready to complete your look? Check out the latest accessories in Aisle 5.”
  • Encourage impulse decisions. Capture last-minute sales by highlighting specific products or brands at the checkout counter, either with a floor mat in front of a display or with an eye-catching counter mat.

Additional tips:

  • Choose mats that fit the look and feel of the brand being promoted.
  • Keep messaging short and simple so that customers understand the point at a glance.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Mats with vivid photo-quality images can really grab attention and make a product extra appealing.

How have you used floor mats in visual merchandising? Please share in the comments!

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