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Need a fresh idea to offer clients? These eye-catching POP displays are great for drawing attention to products and brands in retail stores. If you’re searching for types of point-of-purchase displays, consider these top 15 promotional items:

Types of POP Display Advertising

  1. Window signage
  2. Shelf displays
  3. Floor stands
  4. Banners
  5. Cash registers
  6. End aisle displays
  7. Trash cans
  8. Lighted signage
  9. Motion displays
  10. Interactive displays
  11. Custom logo floor mats
  12. Cart advertising
  13. Directories
  14. In-store commercials
  15. Customized door mats

Each type of advertisement has its own strengths and weaknesses, but every ad should focus on grabbing the attention of potential customers. Sometimes, this is accomplished by using a larger ad or sometimes with a brighter ad, it really depends on the place, product, price, and promotion.

What type of POP display is right for my marketing needs?

At PromoMatting, we specialize in POP display floor mats. With virtually no competition on the floor, these custom logo mats easily break through the clutter. Whether they are used at a product display or at a check out counter, they are proven to increase sales and customer interaction. Consider these benefits of retail advertising with floor mats.

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