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Standing all day, especially on hard floors like concrete or wood, can be tiring for employees, leading to decreased focus, productivity and morale. Fortunately, anti-fatigue logo floor mats are an easy and cost-effective way to provide comfort and relief.

These mats are specially designed to relieve the strain on feet, legs and back. They typically feature closed-cell foam or PVC backing for comfort, and the surface can be customized with a logo, marketing message, customer service reminder, motivational quote, safety tip, or any other message you choose.

Anti-fatigue logo mats are an important addition anywhere people spend time standing, including banks, medical offices, pharmacies, restaurants, salons, production lines, copier and mail rooms, laboratories and more. They’re also great for retail use, both in front of and behind counters. And with the increased popularity of adjustable-height desks that employees can stand at, these comfortable mats will be appreciated in the office, too.

Cushion Max

PromoMatting offers several different types of anti-fatigue logo mats to fit your specific needs. All feature beveled edges to prevent tripping and are made in the USA.

  • Comfort Max mats are 5/8” thick and digitally printed for photographic-quality images.
  • EverSoft anti-fatigue logo mats are 3/8” thick and available with a gray or black background. Your logo or message is embossed in one to three spot colors for an attractive look.
  • Graphix mats are constructed from 3/8” resilient foam pad backing and a 1/8” thick, heavy-duty vinyl surface. These mats are silk screened for dramatic images.

Comfortable workers are more focused, safe and productive workers! Contact us today to learn more about how our anti-fatigue logo floor mats can help boost employee safety, morale and productivity.

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