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Custom floor mats have been proven to help increase sales of brands featured on the mats. Retailers, manufacturers, and distributors can easily team up to create an effective marketing strategy using these versatile promotional tools.

In this type of co-op program, the manufacturer or distributor will typically provide the custom floor mats, or cover a portion or all of the cost. In return, their brand, product name, or sales message is featured on the logo door mats and floor mats. This results in increased brand awareness and market share for the manufacturer or distributor, and increased sales for the retailer and manufacturer or distributor. In other words, it’s a win-win for both parties!

Custom floor mats and logo door mats can be used throughout a retail or business space and can feature logos, an attention-grabbing sales message, or information about a special promotion. Possible mat locations include:

  • At entrances, to build product awareness as soon as a customer walks in the door
  • In front of the product display featuring the brand promoted on the mat
  • In front of a related product display (for example, a floor mat featuring a cereal brand can be placed in front of the bananas, or spaghetti sauce featured on a mat in the pasta aisle)
  • At the point of sale, for one last sales pitch (for example, a “did you remember the batteries?” message in front of the cash registers at a toy store)

Another way to drive sales with logo mats is to use co-branding. Several businesses in a shopping center or office park could partner to place custom floor mats featuring their logos at building entrances or by stairwells, elevators, and other high-traffic areas.

PromoMatting offers a wide selection of custom floor mats to fit a range of budgets and uses. This includes durable logo door mats that can be imprinted in one to three spot colors, and dye sub mats with four-

color process, photo-quality images.

When done right, the end result of this type of marketing promotion can be increased brand and product awareness and sales growth for both the retailer and the manufacturer or distributor!

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