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In the promotional product industry, we know the value of impressions. Custom logo imprints help build brand awareness, the gateway to customer relationships. At PromoMatting by Americo, our passion is supplying quality matting products that allow brands to make a lasting impact with their customers. What better way to land that all-important first impression than with a welcome mat?

Increasingly, however, the onus lands on suppliers and distributors to ensure that we’re not measuring the cost per impression in environmental footprints.

We’ve found that simple actions—like shipping our products in recycled packaging and replacing our print catalog for an all-digital version—are valuable ways of reserving resources and conserving energy. However, you know your customers. They want environmentally responsible options for the products they choose to represent their brands. 

In order to produce safe, durable floor matting products while remaining environmentally conscious, PromoMatting by Americo has integrated key processes into our operations. Just as different mats have different recommended applications, there are also a variety of sustainability approaches at work on our production floor.

The first and simplest is through responsible sourcing of our popular Natural Coco mats. Because these residential mats are made from coconut husk fibers, a naturally renewable resource, they represent an environmentally friendly choice not only in their organic aesthetic but in fact. 

Secondly, because establishing a recycling program is foundational to environmental stewardship, PromoMatting has partnered with Infinity Polymers in Suwanee, Georgia, to eliminate production scrap by compounding the high quality virgin vinyl used for backing many of our matting products for other uses. Recycled vinyl can be used to manufacture a number of durable products, including piping, packaging, siding, and industrial flooring, as well as everyday items such as checkbook covers, plastic binders, and traffic pylons. Since June 2019, we have recycled 300,778 pounds of scrap vinyl.

Finally, through strategic vendor partnerships, we source face goods made from 100% recycled PET, which is used to produce a variety of matting products. Any time you resell our Diamondback, Plush Olefin, Camelot and Faux Coco mats, you are diverting post-consumer waste from oceans and landfills.  

In fact, the 2.7 pounds of PET required to produce one 3’x5’ Faux Coco mat equates to approximately 135 plastic bottles that would otherwise take 450 years to break down in a landfill. Now you can be confident in the knowledge that not only will our mats reduce footprints on your clients’ floors, but they will also reduce our footprint on the earth.

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Much like building a brand, a commitment to sustainability requires consistent effort over the long haul. When you choose PromoMatting by Americo for your customers’ matting needs, you’re helping them achieve both. 

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