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Looking for a fun and unique school fundraising idea? School floor mats customized with your school’s logo or mascot are sure to be a popular item. After all, everyone can use a floor mat, and this is a great way to show school spirit and local pride!

Fundraising Mat

Show off your school pride in style!

There are many different types of floor mats available, in different styles, colors, printing options and sizes. Here are some custom floor mats ideas for school and college fundraisers:

  • Classic welcome and entrance mats with a school logo that people can use to show their team pride at their house, apartment or dorm room. Entrance mats also make a great thank-you gift for alumni and donors! Look for attractive options like our Flocked Olefin and Flocked Camelot mats, which are available in a variety of carpet colors and can be printed in one to three colors.
  • Indoor/outdoor floor mats that businesses can use at entrances and throughout their retail or office space to demonstrate their support of local teams while keeping floors clean, safe and dry. We suggest durable floor mats design for medium- to high-traffic areas, such as Flocked Front Runner or eye-catching Dirt Stopper mats.
  • Automotive floor mats that students and school supporters can use in their cars and trucks. This would be a popular item with teens getting their first cars.
  • Screen Printed Camelot mats with bright, attention-grabbing images and a modest price point can be used as a fun thank-you gift, raffle prize, or sales item, particularly for booster clubs and college groups.

And unlike food, candy or wrapping paper, floor mats won’t go stale, and they’re not seasonal! They can be sold in school stores, at concession stands and holiday sales, and via traditional methods like catalogs and flyers.

Ready to give fundraisers a boost with custom floor mats? Just contact us to get started today!

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