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Whether you have a blog, Facebook page, or LinkedIn or Twitter account for your promotional products business, sharing valuable content on social media is a great way to show your expertise and stay top of mind with your audience. This content can include links to articles, breaking news, online tools and other helpful resources.

The challenge can be finding great content without spending hours searching. We’ve put together some suggestions and sites to help:

  • Google Alerts: With this free tool, available at www.google.com/alerts, you can request to be notified via email when a particular name, keyword or phrase is mentioned online. If many of your customers are in the health care field, for example, you can set up alerts for keywords related to that niche.
  • Websites: Periodically check industry websites as well as business sites like OpenForum, Inc. Magazine and Bloomberg Business Week. If you work with a lot of local businesses, watch area newspapers’ sites for items your audience will find interesting.
  • Blogs: You probably have a few blogs you visit regularly for interesting or entertaining content. Consider sharing links to posts. You can use Google Reader to easily organize your favorite blogs in one spot. Use Google Blog Search to find blogs on a particular subject. ASI also offers lists of blogs on industry topics.
  • Facebook: Follow relevant businesses on Facebook and share their content. You can also create an Interest List of people and company pages related to a specific topic or niche and monitor that.
  • Twitter: Similar to Facebook, you can follow people and companies in your niche and gain ideas from what they post. You can organize the users you follow into lists. You can also follow industry and business publications to get lots of great, shareable article links and stay on top of breaking news.
  • News aggregators: Use a news aggregator site like Alltop, which allows you to customize your results by topic, or one like Popurls that shows headlines from the most popular sites on the Internet.
  • Your audience: Watch your social media posts to see which get the most response. You can also ask your readers if there are particular topics they are interested in.

What content sources have you found helpful? Please share in the comments!

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