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PPAI, or Promotional Products Association International, recently released last year’s accumulated information about the performance of the promotional products industry. Fortunately, most of their findings were quite good. In fact, the industry is continuing to grow and recover from the recession, albeit at a slower rate. This shows that although the industry is somewhat sensitive to changes in the market, it is still, and will be, a compelling realm of advertising. Not only did the industry grow by total revenue, but it also expanded with the addition of thousands of more promotional item distributors. It was also noted that the larger distributors accounted for a higher amount of sales then did smaller ones. The other interesting point that was touched on in PPAI’s analysis was that although the top four or five promotional products remain the same, they tended to vary in order. This means that no one promotional product is dominating the industry. These are all great signs for the industry’s future and we can expect it to become stronger in the years ahead.

Source: www.ppai.org

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