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There are many ways to get your company’s brand out in the open for the entire world to see. As a realm of marketing, advertising is often a difficult concept to grasp as it encompasses many different types techniques and objectives.

What is the overall goal for your ad campaign and marketing strategy?

One type of advertising that is often overlooked is the use of promotional products like pens, mugs, mouse pads, or customized mats. They offer a way to give your brand to consumers and end-users that they can touch, use, or even display in their own office or workspace. Think about it, you are allowing and enticing your future consumers to interact with your brand on a daily basis. Your brand and logo will be imprinted in that future customer’s mind, which will allow your company to have a leg-up on the competition.

Believe it or not, the use of promotional products is already an extremely popular technique for branding. Digest these numbers for a moment: 14% of recipients are willing to give leads to other consumers. 84% of recipients could remember the company’s brand after originally getting the product. Recipients also tended to re-order 18% quicker than customers who never received a promotional item and 62% said that they did business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional product from them.

Isn’t it obvious? Promotional products are extremely popular, and for good reason! The numbers don’t lie; the use of promotional products, like custom logo mats, could be perfect for your business.

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