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For many individuals and business owners, using door mats at entryways is a no-brainer. Entryway mats help keep dust and dirt from outdoors out of your home, and can help keep your floors dry when people come in from rainy or snowy outdoor weather. Door mats can also be visually appealing, providing a way to make a splashy color statement or display a more neutral style.

For business owners, buying customized door mats can be a cost-effective way to expand your brand’s reach with target customers.

Personalized Century 21 Dirt Stopper Entrance Mat
Century 21 Personalized Door Mat

Ways to Use Personalized Door Mats

Because entryway mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and use a variety of materials, the sky is the limit when designing your own mats.

Here are some of the ways businesses can use customized door mats, providing the end user with something functional and attractive that helps position the business’ brand at the same time:

Hotels, Condos, and Apartment Buildings – One thing hotels, condominiums and apartment buildings all have in common is doorways – a lot of them. When you partner with one of these businesses to put your entryway mats outside of each unit’s entrance, you’ll be helping them keep their common and public areas clean while making a big impact for your business.

Convenience Stores – If your products are featured in gas stations or convenience stores, partnering with those businesses to display your branded floor mats can give you an added boost when customers are there shopping for products already.

Bars and Restaurants – If your business involves alcoholic beverages of any type, you may find willing partners in bars and restaurants who need floor mats to keep their establishments clean and safe. By co-branding, advertising a featured product or simply displaying your company’s logo, you will have the attention of the bar’s or restaurant’s patrons, every time they visit.

As a good rule of thumb, switch up your personalized entry mats periodically so people don’t unconsciously tune them out after seeing them too many times. Adding a splash of color, changing the product or the message can help draw eyes back to the customized mats so you can continue reaping the benefits of using them.

Whether You Choose Indoor, Outdoor or Both, Choose Quality. Choose PromoMatting.

Interior and exterior personalized door mats from PromoMatting make a bold statement – one that will impress customers, employees, visitors and anyone else who crosses the threshold. We supply the mats – you decide how and where to use them.

For more ideas about how to get your personalized door mats in front of more people, check out our free resource “Floor Mats 101.” Then, contact any one of our more than 2,500 authorized distributors across the United States to get started creating and distributing customized door mats for your business. Need help finding an approved distributor? Simply fill out our easy online contact form – we’ll get you connected and designing your new mats in short order.

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