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When it comes to marketing and making a positive impression on customers, most businesses understand that it is critically important to get their businesses’ names in front of customers as often as possible. However, finding ways to do that effectively can be a challenge. Fortunately, expensive advertising is not the only way to make sure customers see your name – many businesses are choosing to purchase custom commercial logo mats for their floors.

And custom floor mats are not just for getting your logo out in front of your customers; they are also a great way to provide important reminders to employees.

Many successful businesses use commercial floor mats in some or all of the following areas:

  1. Entrances. Make your logo floor mat the very first thing customers, vendors and employees see when visiting your office, retail store or warehouse. Not only are these commercial mats functional, helping to keep your floors clean, but they are also a great branding tool.
  2. Lobbies. If you have a lobby or waiting area for customers or other visitors, using logo floor mats throughout the lobby can be a great way to increase not only name recognition and logo awareness but also things like your mission statement or tagline. The more people see it, the more they will remember it!
  3. Employee work stations. Custom floor mats in employees’ work stations not only offer comfort, but they are a great place to provide a motivational reminder such as your company’s mission or vision statement.
  4. Copier rooms. You need floor mats in your copy rooms to provide comfort when employees are standing at the copier or collating meeting materials. You have a captive audience while your employees are waiting for the copy machine, so use your floor mats to provide safety reminders or a motivational message to employees.
  5. File rooms. Similar to copy rooms, file rooms are areas where employees are often on their feet much of the time. Floor mats can help fight fatigue while providing the message of your choice.

    Anti-fatigue mat utilized on a production line.

  6. Employee production lines. It is important to keep employees productive, as comfortable as possible and safe on production lines. Commercial floor mats can help by easing the fatigue that can set in when employees are standing for the majority of their shift. Providing an important safety message on the floor mats will help reinforce your commitment to a safe work environment.
  7. Other uses. Giving logo floor mats as gifts to customers provides them with both a functional gift and helps spread your business name and logo to everyone who sees the mat. Commercial logo mats are also popular choices in certain types of businesses including apartment communities, schools, and home builders.

However you choose to use them, commercial floor mats from PromoMatting serve a valuable and functional purpose and will help keep your business’ name in front of customers and employees. To learn more about practical uses for commercial floor mats in your business, contact us online or at 855.776.6287 to find a qualified distributor in your area today.

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