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Nylon Dye – Entrance Mat

If you’re looking for something fresh that jumps out at you, then you may want to consider a promotional floor mat with bright nylon dyes. These dyes are able to stand out amongst other bold colors and actually grab the attention of those walking by the logo mat. Use these floor mats throughout your establishment and create a nice visual effect within the room. They can also be used at entrances as a great way to enhance brand awareness. The fibers within the mat are injection dyed to give the mat the visual look you’re after. You can create how you’d like your promotional floor mat to look using our large palette of color combinations.

Not only will the dye in the logo mat not fade with time, but the rubber backed version is 100% machine washable. Always have clean, vibrant indoor floor mats that have your logo or company name on them. Creating an image for your company can be hard work, but by placing indoor floor mats around, or even handing them out to sister companies – you’re creating a one of a kind image for yourself each and every time someone walks over the promotional floor mat or just glances towards it and notices what it says.

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