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Custom floor mats can be used for more than offices and retail spaces! In fact, custom mats and counter mats provide an easy and cost-effective way to maximize the branding space in a trade show exhibit.

With the wide range of custom floor mats available, there are options to fit any exhibit design or theme. And perhaps best of all, custom mats cost less than inlayed exhibit carpet or custom-printed flooring… and they can be used in your lobby or office long after the show is over.

Here are some creative ways you can use custom mats to really stand out on the trade show floor, whether you have a small table top or banner display or a large island exhibit!

  • Put out the welcome mat — literally. Greet visitors with mats placed at the entrance of your booth. This is a great place to display your logo or brand message and reinforce that visitors are stepping into your unique space.
  • Grab attention. Pull people into your booth and then to specific areas of your display with eye-catching mats. Options like Dye Sub Classic, Dye Sub Extreme and DuraMat can be printed with detailed, photo-quality images in vivid colors sure to stop traffic. Choose a custom shape for extra pizzazz.
  • Guide visitors and build anticipation. If you want visitors to take a specific path through your booth, use floor mats to point the way. Or build anticipation as you lead visitors to a new product display by unveiling product details on mats along the way.
  • Highlight sales and marketing messages. Use mats throughout your exhibit space to convey marketing messages, emphasize your booth theme, or provide a sales message in front of a product display. Another idea is to have mats printed with social media icons to encourage people to follow your company.
  • Generate excitement about a promotion or special offer. Floor mats are a great place to promote a contest or special offer. You can also print floor mats with a QR code visitors can scan to be directed to a website for more information or an entry form.
  • Provide a break. Use anti-fatigue mats like our eye-catching but ultra comfortable Graphix Mats in front of reception counters to give attendees’ tired feet a rest.
  • Have fun. Share funny messages or inspiring quotes on floor mats in your display area. This is a particularly good option for the lounge area of your booth, if you have one.
  • Make a “counter offer.” Don’t forget about the space on your counters, reception desks and work stations! Counter mats are a great place to share a message or display your logo.


So why not stand out from the trade show crowd with custom floor mats? Contact Us for more tips and ideas, or leave us a comment below!

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