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If you thought it was hard to choose a mat for your brand, it’s even harder for us to pick our favorite custom matting products. With so many quality choices to choose from, PromoMatting custom mats come in a wide variety of styles. Even so, we love featuring our most popular products, and this month’s choice is no exception.

Our line of Nylon Dye Mats are perfect for showing off company logos while keeping floors dirt-free. The Nylon Dye Mats come in three unique styles: Nylon Dye Plush, Nylon Dye Twist, and HD Nylon Dye Twist. Each mat is injected with vibrant and long-lasting dyes that prevent your message from fading, even years down the road. Each come in four standard sizes: 2’x3’, 3’x4’, 3’x5’, and 4’x6’. However, like with the majority of our products, custom-sizing can be tailored to your brand’s specific needs. Making the choice between these three gorgeous mats can be difficult, but with our expertise, we can help you make that choice with ease.

Nylon Dye Plush Mats are comfortable, clean, and elegant. Similar to the Twist Mats, the Plush Mats are designed with your own logo in eye-popping color. The Plush Mats are designed with 16 ounce plush nylon yarn and are made with a larger surface area for enhanced imprint clarity. With rubber backing created out of compounded PVC vinyl, our Plush Mats not only stay put, but stay pretty. They are ideal for fundraising events, restaurants and bars, product displays, and many other indoor and outdoor displays and to welcome patrons to your doors.

Nylon Dye Twist

If you’re looking for a slightly different look from the Plush Mat finish, the Nylon Dye Twist Mats are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Made with 20 ounce nylon twisted yarn and rubber backing, the mats are ideal for retail stores, office buildings, schools, automobile dealerships, and many other businesses. The Nylon Twist Dye mats can also feature up to eight different colors out of 26 choices, easily accommodating any custom needs.

Finally, our HD Nylon Dye Twist Mats are just like our Nylon Dye Twist Mats, but with better imagery and more color selections. Designed with 20 ounce nylon twisted yarn, the HD Mats have the same comfy look with more radiant style. With over 200 color choices, the expanded palette of colors can handle even the most intricate and vivid designs.

So which do you choose? All of the choices are certain to give your product, business, or organization a clear and finished look with their own flair. If you are stuck on which product is best for you, we love assisting our customers with that important choice. Consult our Mat Selector Guide or contact us for the assistance you need to make your next smart investment. No matter which mat you choose, any choice will give you an edge to your brand that no one can ever quite replicate.

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