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Whether you are looking for a way to expand awareness of a specific product or service, or to increase the reach of your brand as a whole, using logo floor mats is an easy, inexpensive and effective method of doing so.

Here are some of the reasons floor mats are so effective:

Floor Space: Advertising’s Newest Frontier?

Shelf-space and window displays are at a premium, and you are probably already capitalizing on those types of opportunities. Floor advertising can help you take advantage of unused floor space and increase exposure.

Placing Your Logo Where it Will Be Seen (Before Customers Buy)

We all look down at the floor ahead of us when we are shopping inside stores; doing so is just human nature. Did you know that 64% of retail shoppers notice floor mats and graphics? Smart businesses capitalize on our natural tendency to look down by using floor mats to help spread brand and/or product awareness.

In-store logo floor mat
K2 boots logo advertising floor mat

Logo floor mats are, quite literally, right under your customers’ feet, at a crucial point when they are already in-store, but before they have taken the final step to purchase a product. Using mats that are strategically placed in-store can help give you a voice and input into your customer’s buying decision.

Easy to Start a New Campaign (or Reactivate a Stagnant Marketing Campaign)

Floor mats with your logo and/or product information are simple and easy to switch out periodically, allowing you to focus efforts on different products or drive sales in a certain direction simply by changing out the mats at your customers’ feet.

Inexpensive, but Powerful Impact

The average cost per impression of using mats is one-tenth of a cent, but retail products promoted through the use of custom floor mats see an average increase of 13%. Mats used for in-store advertising are one of the least expensive methods of increasing sales. Of course, there is no guarantee that sales will increase through the use of any particular marketing or advertising tool, but these statistics make a pretty compelling case for using customized floor mats from PromoMatting.

The Safety Factor

If the potential increase in new and repeat customers at a fraction of the cost of other marketing efforts is not enough to convince you that floor mats work, consider that they serve a dual purpose by making the shopping experience a little bit safer, both for customers and store employees.

Include Logo Floor Mats from PromoMatting in Your In-Store Advertising Efforts

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you choose to spend your marketing dollars. Using logo floor mats for in-store displays can be a fantastic way to increase sales, without a lot of effort or expense. To learn more about our product lines, and to find one of our more than 2,500 authorized distributors near you, contact PromoMatting today

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