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The fresh air and bright sunshine of spring inspires many of us to spring clean our homes (or at least think about it). But your business can benefit from an annual clean up, too.

Here are some tips for spring cleaning and organizing your business for maximum efficiency and effectiveness throughout the year:

  • Organize your files. Many of us waste time searching for important documents and digital files. Set aside the time to organize and backup your files, clean out drawers, and shred, toss or delete anything you don’t need or use.
  • Examine your unique selling proposition (USP). Businesses and competition evolve over time. Does your USP still describe what sets your business apart? Can it be improved? Are you consistently delivering on it?
  • Review your marketing materials. Look at your brochures, tear sheets, ads, website and any other marketing materials to determine whether the wording is still accurate and if the graphics need updating. Check all the links on your website.
  • Update your directory listings and social media profiles. Add new photos, freshen up your company description, and look for new listing opportunities.
  • Get new testimonials. Ask your satisfied customers to provide detailed quotes you can use in your marketing materials. While you’re at it, create a customer survey or process for gathering feedback (and testimonials) periodically, such as at the completion of each sale or twice a year.
  • Assess your processes and procedures. Examine what’s working, what’s not, and what can be streamlined or improved.
  • Look at your office through the eyes of visitors. How do customers see your office? Sometimes a few plants or a fresh coat of paint can do wonders in providing a clean, updated look.
  • Don’t forget about floor mats!Nylon Dye Floor Mat Floor mats will help keep your clean, organized office looking that way. And quality custom floor mats with your logo or business name will help promote your brand and create a professional image the moment a customer walks through the door. If you don’t currently have custom floor mats, please contact your promotional products distributor to learn more about these extremely effective marketing tools. And if you do have custom floor mats, now is a good time to examine them for any wear and give them a thorough cleaning.

What “spring cleaning” do you do at your business? Please share in the comments!

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