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Welcome mats are one of the very first things people notice when visiting someone’s home or office, helping to create a first impression (good or bad.)

With PromoMatting’s custom welcome mats, you have a unique opportunity to create a lasting, positive first impression. Whether you want a logo mat that prominently features your business’ logo or you want to create floor mats with a specific design or saying, PromoMatting can help.

Welcome mats have a variety of uses – they’re not just limited to the front door! Personalized door mats work well for garage entrances, kitchen floors, home offices and even “man caves.”

How Businesses can Leverage PromoMatting’s Custom Welcome Mats

Custom welcome mats work well for several different types of businesses, but we see some that seem to have greater success and application than others. Here are some of the top types of businesses that should consider using custom welcome mats:

  1. Realtors. Real estate agents often need creative ways to get their name out to the communities they serve – offering custom welcome mats to potential homebuyers or sellers is a fantastic way to make that happen.
  2. Apartment buildings. Apartment owners and management companies have a vested interest in keeping floors and carpets as clean and safe as possible. Custom welcome mats fulfill that need, but take it a step further by providing another way to advertise the name of the property or leasing company. When custom mats are placed in front of every apartment door, the building’s owner or manager gets extremely cost-effective exposure to potential future tenants.KHovanian Homes Custom Welcome Mat
  3. Condo buildings. As with apartment buildings, condo buildings need to keep common areas clean and safe – using custom welcome mats in front of each condo door accomplish that and can be a great way to provide a tailored message to condo owners and their guests.
  4. Home builders. Custom welcome mats are popular with home builders, who often buy them to place in every home in their developments. This provides a great way for the builder to get their name and contact information out to prospective future customers.
  5. Online Stores. For business owners who strictly have an online presence, getting their name and website information out into the community is critical for success. Creating and distributing custom welcome mats can be an affordable and effective way to generate interest in your business, for a fraction of the cost of other marketing efforts.
  6. Schools. Last, but not least, custom welcome mats are popular for use in school buildings, at entrances to the building and to each classroom. They can be used to help foster school spirit or to provide safety messages or other reminders to students and faculty. They’re also a great way to help keep hallways and classroom floors free of debris and safe.

Discover the Benefits of Custom Welcome Mats for Yourself

To learn more, and to get ideas and inspiration for your own custom welcome mats, we invite you to visit our website. Then, contact us online to find an authorized PromoMatting distributor in your area. With a network of more than 2,500 distributors across the country, we’ve got you covered.