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Custom Logo Mat for a SchoolThis is the first in our new “How to Sell To…” series of posts with tips on selling logo mats to different types of clients. We hope these will provide inspiration for new markets and give you sales ideas for clients and prospects you’re already working with.

First up: schools. There are so many ways schools can use logo mats, of all different types! Here are some ideas:

• At entrances and in front of the desk in the main office – to keep floors clean, prevent slips, and display school pride

• Behind the front desk and library counter – suggest anti-fatigue mats for comfort, and counter mats to display key information or the school mascot

• In the cafeteria kitchen and janitor’s area – anti-fatigue and water-control mats for comfort and safety

• In the locker room – water-control mats to prevent slips

What types of logo mats would you sell to schools? Please share on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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