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Ideas for selling logo mats to your promotional product clients at golf clubs, country clubs and more
The weather is gorgeous and it’s time to enjoy all those fun outdoor activities, including golf and tennis! And that has us thinking about all the ways you can sell logo mats to golf courses, tennis clubs, country clubs, and similar promotional product clients.

These clients can use logo mats and counter mats in a number of different places. Here are some mats to suggest to these promo product clients:

  • Entrance mats – PromoMatting offers several attractive entrance mats that can help create an upscale look while keeping floors dry, clean and safe. Perfect for all entrances, including the clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant and bar.
  • Anti-fatigue mats – Comfortable anti-fatigue logo mats will be appreciated by anyone on their feet a lot, including receptionists, kitchen staff and pro shop employees.
  • Aqua Dam water control mats can help keep water contained and reduce the risk of slips and falls in wet areas in locker rooms and near pools, hot tubs and saunas.
  • Counter mats and bar mats reach members with the club’s logo or tagline at bar and reception counters.

Now that you’re armed with some sales tips, get out there and enjoy your summer! Who’s ready for a round of golf or a tennis match?

  1. Patrick

    Good advice. Thanks! Just curious, what other types of products do you think it makes sense to try and sell to Country Club members?

  2. admin

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for your comment! We’re glad you liked the post.

    There are any number of promotional products that would be a great fit for golf clubs and country clubs and could be used both in the facility and as giveaways and thank-you gifts to members. Logo’d towels, apparel (t-shirts and polo shirts, particularly those with moisture-wicking properties), gym bags, accessories like scarves and sunglasses (and sunglasses cases), water bottles, travel tumblers, coasters, and nice pens are just a few of the items that come to mind.