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Welcome to the second installment in PromoMatting’s “How to Sell Logo Mats To…” series! Last time we talked about how to sell logo mats to schools. This time we’ll take a look at another local prospect: banks.

Banks are of course a great customer for promotional product distributors. They use a lot of promotional products, from pens and t-shirts to mouse pads, piggy banks, calendars and calculators. Why not add custom logo mats to the mix?

Here are some ideas for selling logo and counter mats to banks:

Commercial entrance mats add a professional look to the lobby while keeping floors clean and safe

Counter and bar mats are a great way to promote brands, special offers and marketing messages

Anti-fatigue mats provide comfort to tellers and other employees who stand a lot

Water-control mats can prevent slips in employee break rooms

Do you have a type of client you’d like to start selling logo mats to? Let us know in the comments and we’ll provide tips in an upcoming post!

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