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The real estate market is starting to show some signs of revival, which means that realtors will be stepping up their promotional efforts.

Realtors need long-lasting, memorable promotional items, and custom floor mats are the perfect fit. In fact, there are several ways your realtor clients can benefit from floor mats

  • Entrance mats with the agency’s logo add a professional look to the office while keeping floors clean and safe.
  • Outdoor welcome mats are a great thank-you gift for clients. New homeowners will remember the realtor every time they step through the door, and be more likely to provide a referral or repeat business. And commercial clients will appreciate an entrance mat or water-control mat that keeps floors clean and safe while featuring their logo.
  • Counter mats with contact info are a great marketing tool for realtors who use referral partners such as local retailers and restaurants.

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What type of client would you like to start selling custom floor mats to? Let us know in the comments and we’ll provide tips in an upcoming post!

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