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Research shows that promotional products are very powerful marketing tools that can help a brand be remembered and encourage people to do business with a company.

But it’s important to not just pick any promotional product. Taking the time to develop a good promotional product strategy will really pay off!

Here are some things to consider:

  1. How do you want recipients to use the promotional product? If you want them to use it just once or for a limited time or pass it along, items like temporary tattoos, coasters and pens are a cost-effective choice. If you want people to display the brand in public, tote bags or wearable items like hats and t-shirts work well. If you want them to think of the brand before making a purchase decision in the office, use products like desk items, coffee mugs or magnets.
  2. Will the recipients find the promotional product useful? Will they appreciate it? The best promotional products are ones that recipients will value and use. If the target audience isn’t tech-savvy, for example, they won’t appreciate a USB drive.
  3. Does the item fit the brand and marketing goals? Likewise, any promotional products you select should be a good fit for the brand and overall marketing goals. If the company has a strong eco-friendly focus, for example, you should select a green promotional item. If the focus is on health, choose a health-related item like first aid kits, hand sanitizer or water bottles.
  4. Does the item have a high perceived value? You want the brand to be associated with quality, so avoid cheap items that could break or wear out easily. Investing in a product that looks high-quality will create a more positive impression. It will also give you an item that people will hold on to longer, extending the impact and increasing the return on investment.
  5. Does it get your point across quickly? Choose an item that has enough room for the logo or marketing message to be displayed clearly and read easily.

Why Custom Floor Mats are a Powerful Promotional Item

Custom floor mats are a great promotional item for most brands! They’re useful, because everyone has a door and needs to keep their floors clean. They provide a great, eye-catching space to display a logo, marketing message, special promotion, website address, social media information and much more, making them a great fit for any theme or brand message.

Plus, PromoMatting’s custom floor mats are made in the USA and eco-friendly custom floor mats are available. Our mats are high-quality and long-lasting, allowing you to make a brand impression for years to come. In fact, research has shown that the average cost per impression for our custom door mats is $0.005. That’s a significant return on your investment!

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