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There are so many ways to use custom floor mats, from promoting a brand while keeping floors clean, to helping boost sales! And there are many different types of floor mats available, from flocked mats to nylon dye to water control mats.

To create the perfect custom floor mat for your particular needs, just answer the four questions below:

1)     What are the objectives for the floor mats? It helps to start by thinking through the goals for the mats, because this will influence where they are used and what type of artwork you’ll use on them. Is the goal to dress up an entrance while keeping floors clean and dry? Or will they be used throughout a space or in front of product displays to increase brand awareness, share product information, or highlight a special promotion?

2)     How will the mats be used? Next, think about where the mats will be used and how much traffic those areas get. We recommend the following:

  • Entrances (moderate to high traffic) – Nylon dye, flocked, and Dirt Stopper mats
  • Wet areas – Aqua Dam water control mats
  • Inside (low traffic, in front of a display, or at the point of purchase) – Dye sublimation and DuraMat
  • Areas where people do a lot of standing and comfort is needed – Comfort Max, EverSoft and Graphix anti-fatigue mats

3)     How much durability do you need?

  • Low – Dye sublimated or screen printed mats will look great and meet your needs
  • Medium – Choose flocked mats or nylon dye mats with vinyl backing
  • Heavy – For the greatest durability, select DirtStopper or nylon dye mats with rubber backing

4)     What type of artwork do you want to use? For logos, taglines and other graphics in one to three spot colors, choose flocked mats. For two to eight colors, nylon dye mats are ideal. And if you want realistic, four-color process images, select dye sublimated mats, DuraMat or Dirt Stopper.

Nylon Dye – Entrance Mat

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can use our handy Mat Selector Guide or contact your distributor to find the best mat for your needs. (You can also contact us to find a distributor near you.)

Finally, don’t forget the details! Follow our artwork submission guidelines to ensure the best results, and then use these easy cleaning instructions to keep your mats looking like new for a long time to come!

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