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PromoMatting offers a variety of floor mats, counter mats and auto mats to meet any need. From heavy-duty dirt stoppers and water control mats to dye sub mats with photographic-quality images, we have your clients’ floors covered!

When selling a logo mat to your customers, there are a few things to consider:

1. What type of imprint do they want?
2. How will the mat be used (in an entrance, in front of a display, on a counter, at the point of purchase?)
3. How much traffic will the mat get?
4. Will the logo mat be used indoors or outdoors?

We offer a handy mat selector guide so you can see the features of our product lines at a glance. And of course we’re always happy to assist you — just call us at 855-776-6287 or fill our our contact form.

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