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We get this question a lot and it has a pretty simple answer. An effective promotional product has a few key components including: long life, high quality, usefulness, and a well displayed logo or brand name.

Do our custom logo mats have any or all of these components?

Why yes, yes they do. Our short-term promotional mats last a minimum of one year and our other mats are even more long-lasting then that. We only use the highest quality vinyl, material, flock, dye and any other components that go into our manufacturing processes so our products are of top-of-the-line quality.

With regards to usefulness, our mats provide an essential function when it comes to keeping entrances cleanly, employees fatigue-less, or shoe bottoms dry. The logos that we print on our customized floor mats take up the entire top of the mat while minimizing border space so that your company’s brand grabs the attention of all the people in the vicinity. It’s pretty obvious that our logo mats are effective at what they do.

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