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If you are a business owner, manager, or are in charge of marketing and sales for your organization, you know that you need to spend your advertising and marketing dollars wisely. You want to focus on activities that will help drive sales, without breaking your budget.

If your organization is not already using custom floor mats as part of its marketing strategy, you may be missing out on an easy, inexpensive way to create and reinforce brand awareness and spur interest in specific products or services.

Tips for Using Commercial Floor Mats

There is no “wrong” way to use a custom floor mat for your business, however here are some tips and suggestions that can help your company get the most out of its marketing efforts.

  • Placement – Think about, and be deliberate about, where you choose to place your custom floor mats. This may look different in every business, and it may take some experimentation to find what will work best for your company, so don’t be afraid to try different options. Commercial floor mats from PromoMatting are available in indoor and outdoor varieties. Indoors, mats might be placed at the entrance, at checkout and service counters or in front of product displays. Using outdoor mats at entrances can be a great way to catch the eyes of people passing by, creating awareness of your company.
  • Change it up – Logo floor mats from PromoMatting are eye-catching and attractive. However, as with any kind of marketing display, your existing customers may reach a point where they simply don’t notice your custom floor mats anymore because they have seen them so many times before. You can fight this tendency by changing your customized mats periodically. Some companies choose different customized mats for every season; others change them on a monthly basis. You don’t necessarily need to completely overhaul your floor mats to make a change though. Sometimes, simply moving different color/style mats around can help catch customers’ eyes again.
  • Different styles – Don’t be afraid to experiment by using different types of custom mats from PromoMatting to find the floor mats that will work best for your business. Whether you choose to go with High Definition nylon carpet mats, molded vinyl, flocked or screen printed customized floor mats, PromoMatting has a variety of quality, attractive and durable mats for every business.

Start Designing Your Customized Floor Mats Today!

Of course, no marketing or advertising effort is guaranteed to increase interest in your business, or sales of specific products or services, and no single marketing activity is likely to be successful on its own. However, using custom floor mats from PromoMatting, designed with your company’s name, logo and/or sales message, can be an important and effective part of your larger marketing and advertising strategy.

To learn more about how using customized floor mats can complement your other marketing activities and help your business grow, contact PromoMatting today. We will help you locate an authorized distributor in your area. We only sell to authorized promotional distributors, however with a network of more than 2,500 distributors across the U.S., there’s sure to be one near you.

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