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It’s the time of year when people start thinking about preparing their homes and vehicles for colder, messier weather. It’s important to do the same for office and retail spaces.

Floor mats are key to keeping floors clean and dry year-round, but they are especially critical in the colder months. And while floor mats are functional, they don’t have to look it! There are a wide variety of custom floor mats available to dress up a business space while promoting a logo or brand message.

Dirt Stopper Scraper Mat

Well-placed, high-quality custom floor mats keep entrances and other business spaces neat and safe, allowing companies to put their best foot forward and make a favorable impression.

Here is a quick and easy checklist to help ensure your floors are ready for fall and winter:

  1. Decide where you need custom floor mats. Entrance mats should be placed in front of and inside doorways to trap water, mud and sand, but any high-traffic area will benefit from a mat. This includes in front of stairwells and elevators.
  2. Check all existing floor mats for damage or wear and tear. While high-quality mats like those from PromoMatting are designed to stand up to foot traffic and stay looking great, now is a good time to check and see if any need to be replaced. You also may decide that it’s time to freshen up your space with a new type or color of mat, or to update the logo or promotional messages on your mats.
  3. Select your message and mats. This is the fun part! If you’ve decided that you need mats and where you want to place them, the last decision is what type of mats you want, and what you want to put on them.

PromoMatting offers a large range of mat types. This includes beautiful, professional-looking flocked entrance mats ideal for imprinting one to three spot colors, as well as custom nylon dye floor mats with photo-quality images. For very wet or messy areas, we also offer the Aqua Dam Superior Water Control mat, which is designed to trap and retain water, and Dirt Stopper rubber scrapper mats, which help remove moisture and dirt from shoes.

Aqua Dam Water Control Mat

In other words, we have custom floor mats to fit your décor and traffic needs. Please contact us or your distributor today to discuss your matting needs and learn more.

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