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How does floor advertising compare with the commercial advertising?

This question should be posed by every marketing professional whose company relies on a point-of-purchase business model. Fortunately, GFK, the fourth largest consumer research company in the world, conducted a study in which they tested the use of floor advertising in 7-Eleven stores.

The three objectives of the study were to analyze the financial impact of the addition of floor graphics to the store floor, to examine what percentage of customers took notice of the graphic whether they made a purchase or not, and to assess how the graphics resisted to wear and tear.

Before we discuss the results of the research, let’s discuss some of the main differences between floor advertising and commercial advertising.

Much of the difference has to do with the time between the impression of the advertisement and the actual purchase of the advertiser’s product or service. With a commercial there is a large gap in time between the initial impression and the actual transaction, if there is a transaction at all. During this time interval the consumer is susceptible to forgetting about the advertisement completely, or seeing an advertisement by a competing product or service that persuades them to purchase their own product over your own.

Floor advertising, however, vastly cuts down on the time spent between the impression and the purchase. When the consumer is impressed by the advertisement they will have the ability to purchase that item immediately, thus, not allowing for a competing advertisement to persuade the customer otherwise. The results of the 7-Eleven study were as follows:

After introducing the floor graphics into the stores, sales for the advertised product increased by 17%, at least half of all customers (thousands) noticed the floor advertisements, and the graphics were very resistant to wear and tear even though there was extremely high foot traffic over the ads. Other research has determined that only 19% of commercial ads are consciously seen compared to 80% of floor advertisements. These results show that for point-of-purchase businesses, the use of floor advertising, like customized logo mats, are a great (and sometimes better) alternative to commercial advertising.




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