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Promoting your business has never been easier with the help of flocked mats. The raised images provide a neat, unique look that you would not be able to find on another entrance mat. Place your company’s name or logo on the flocked olefin mat for those to see when they walk into the entrance of your establishment. Choose the specific color design to coordinate with your existing business. Placing the right flocked mat out front allows you to bring in long term customers, potential customers and those that might have found you another way.

By placing your flocked mat out front, in addition to the sign that you may have out front, you’re inviting customers into your establishment. Your logo or company name can be custom fitted, designed and then placed on an entrance mat to suit your needs. You’re the creator of the flocked mat. You choose what to put on it, how it is designed, the colors and so on. Place a mat out front and see just how much business you’re able to bring in with it.

Other flocked mat options that may be suitable for you and your business goals include:

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