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Dye Sublimated mat in front of display.

Have pictures or other information that you want to promote? Not sure where to start? Easily enough you’re able to create a one of a kind photo mat to say what you need to on. Be sure to include all of the details since they are transferred right onto the POP mat. It will be clear, concise and easy for everyone to read. The process is also a simple one. You’re the creator and the one behind the wheel when it comes to creating the photo mat. Just choose the pictures and text. You can promote your business right on the POP mat.

Lay the photo mat out for all to see in front of the door, or around the inside of the business. Hand them out to fellow businesses that you work with in order to gain more exposure for your business. POP mats are beautifully designed and show your company in an out of the ordinary manner. The dye will not fade away, so you can continue to use the mat for years without worrying about fading. If it becomes dirty, wash and lay it out again for all to use.

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