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Retail shops of all kinds use point-of-sale (POS) advertising displays to generate additional awareness of, and interest in, their products. The idea, of course, is that customers will be motivated to buy your product because they saw it displayed on their restaurant or bar table or near a retail cash register. And, point-of-sale marketing works; at some point or another, everyone of us has likely bought something at the cash register because it was there and looked appealing.

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One often overlooked tool for POS displays is the use of custom matting. With a low profile, custom mats will not take up much space at the point of sale, however they are highly visible and can be extremely effective in increasing sales for your products or services.

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the custom point-of-sale mats available from PromoMatting, here are some of our customers’ favorites:

  1. Duramat Rubber Mats. These mats display photographic quality images of your choice inside a border, and are available in custom sizes. Because they are UV, chemical and oil-resistant and extremely easy to clean, these are favorites for bar and restaurant tables. Keep your product in front of customers’ minds throughout their entire visit. These are also great as floor mats for gas stations or convenience stores.
  2. Molded Vinyl. While any mats make great floor mat displays, our molded vinyl mats are very popular in busy retail settings, because they are non-absorbent, easy to clean and available in both standard and custom sizes. These are great for displaying a logo and tagline or sales message at point-of-sale displays for retail stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, liquor stores, automotive shops and more.
  3. HD Nylon Dye Plush. Made of plush nylon yarn, our HD Nylon Dye Plush mats have a heavy-duty backing and offer photo-realistic high definition digital prints for your logos, designs and messages.  In fact, the resolution is nearly ten times the resolution of regular injection dyed mats. Your logo or design will not wear or fade, even when the mats are laundered. Use these to get your message out at retail or franchise shops, or at trade shows.
  4. Flocked Olefin. Perfect for a floor mat display in a liquor store, convenience store or grocery store, our Flocked Olefin mats are actually cut pile carpet mats. Designed for heavy use, they resist stains, mildew and mold. While they are available in standard sizing, you can get them in a custom size and even a custom shape, to really stand out at the point of sale. These work really well at retail entrances or aisle end cap displays.
  5. Direct Print Extreme. The four-color process for these mats creates vivid, eye-catching graphics. With their smooth surface, these work well as counter-top or floor mats at the point of sale, as your message and graphics are easy to read no matter where you place them. Position these for use at gas stations or retail shops to get your brand in front of more eyes.

Whatever your product or service, PromoMatting has custom matting options designed to help you position your products at point-of-sale displays so your message will reach more customers. To find an authorized distributor in your area, contact us today.

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