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Here’s a pop quiz: How can floor mats enhance a facility? You might answer, “By keeping floors clean and safe.”

And while that is certainly true (and very important), custom mats can do all that and a whole lot more!

Custom mats trap dirt and water, but they also provide a very easy and functional way to add consistent branding throughout a facility. Attractive entrance mats can be used to highlight a brand as soon as customers step through the door, while eye-catching custom floor mats and anti-fatigue mats can be used in employee areas to promote a safety or motivational message and build company pride and employee loyalty.

Custom printed anti-fatigue mat

There are a wide variety of custom mats available to fit the look and feel of any brand. Here are some ideas for places they can be used in a store, office or other workspace:

  1. At entrances – Create a professional and memorable impression with customers and visitors by placing eye-catching entrance mats inside and outside doors
  2. In front of elevators, stairs and reception desks – Reinforce a brand with logo mats strategically placed in high-visibility areas
  3. Down hallways – Promote a series of marketing messages with floor mats located in hallways
  4. In employee entrances and break rooms – Generate employee pride with a motivational slogan or safety message on floor mats by doors, time clocks and coffee makers
  5. In front of copiers, behind cash registers, and anywhere people stand a lot – Employees will appreciate the comfort and relief provided by a quality anti-fatigue logo floor mat, which can help boost productivity and morale

PromoMatting offers custom mats in a wide variety of styles and options, from one- to two-color spot logos to photo-quality images and custom shapes and sizes. Please contact us or your distributor to learn more about how these quality mats can dress up an entire workplace while keeping floors safe and clean!

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